Russia and China are annoying NATO

Strengthening of Russian-Chinese relations is alarming in NATO.

This was announced in an interview with Romania Romania by the Deputy Secretary General of the Alliance Mirce Joan,

“Unfortunately, the Russian -Chinese relations are deepening, and this really is disturbing,” he said.

“China shares Russia’s intention to change the rules at the international level, says Joan. – Two authoritarian regimes share one goal – weaken the West.”

On the one hand, China is trying to help Russia, he said, and on the other, “to imagine itself to the developing world, the global south, Africa, Asia and Latin America, which grows economically, but is neither militaristic nor threatening “.

“Therefore, it leads this communication game, supporting the Russians, and this is a fact, and on the other hand, trying to impress a non -aligned country and trying to attract many countries that still doubt.”

NATO deputy agent -agent commented on the peace plan nominated by China in Ukraine. “This is a game, including a peaceful initiative,” he said. “This is a peaceful proposal for communication with the developing world. What China suggested – a proposal to the whole world on safety problems.”

“Thus, China is interested in this war to continue because it holds us in Europe and weakens the Russians,” Joane believes. “The asymmetry of the Force in the Russian -Chinese tandem is growing in favor of China, and at the same time China wants to use this period to increase its international influence. “