Russia and Iran refused dollar in mutual trade

Moscow and Tehran agreed not to use the American currency in mutual calculations, IRNA reported with reference to official sources.

The heads of the Central Bank of Iran and Russia said that now the calculations between countries will be carried out in the national currency – Rial and the ruble. This was announced by the chairman of the Economic Commission of the Iranian Parliament of Mohammadraz Purchimi.

“We, together with the head of the Central Bank of Iran, during our recent visit to Moscow, met with the head of the Central Bank, Minister of Economics, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Iranian commission on trade and economic cooperation Alexander Novak and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexei Overchuk, ”he said, announcing the strategic cooperation of the two countries in conditions of sanction pressure from Western countries and the United States.

Pur-Ebrahimi also said that the volume of trade in Iran and Russia has exceeded $ 4 billion over the past 9 months. Economists expect a further increase in trade by at least 50%. Given the sanctions imposed by the United States and Europe on Russia, the Islamic Republic can reasonably replace Western manufacturers in the Russian market.