Russia announced a massive shelling from Ukraine

The situation in the east of Ukraine continues to remain tense, reported new disorders of the cease-fire regime.

According to Russian media reports, the representative office of Lugansk separatists stated that the armed forces of Ukraine over the past day were 63 times the settlements in the area of ​​liability “LNR” were fired, with the result that two civilians were killed. It is also argued that as a result of the strike of the Ukrainian military, four residential buildings were affected.

In the “DNR” stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly fired on Monday of large-caliber mortars and grenade launchers of Petrovskoye village, having released 60 ammunition on it, as well as the village of Staromihaylovka, releasing 14 minutes from the village. In addition, the result of the shelling from the side of the Armed Forces killed one military. In the “DNR” also stated that Ukrainian security forces fired at two schools in Donetsk.

Also, Russian media reports, the head of “LNR” signed a decree on voluntary mobilization of men over 55 years.

In Russia, four regions introduced an emergency mode due to the evacuation of refugees from Donbass, this is Rostov, Voronezh, Kursk and Penza region. In several regions, high availability mode was introduced.