Russia announced discovery of black boxes of victim Il-76

Both black boxes of the victim of the Russian military transport aircraft IL-76 were discovered at the site of the fall in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. This was reported by Russian media with reference to sources in emergency services.

According to sources, both black boxes were discovered – the registration device for flight parameters and speech recorder.

“According to preliminary data, the condition of both on -board recorders allows them to be deciphered. They will be delivered by a special defense system on Friday to a special laboratory of the Ministry of Defense, where their decoding will take place,” the sources said.

Earlier, on January 24, the Russian military transport aircraft IL-76 crashed in the Belgorod region, on board of which there were 74 people.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Armed Forces) struck the IL-76 of the Russian Air Force using the anti-aircraft missile system from the Kharkov region, the launch of two missiles was recorded.

On board the aircraft there were six crew members, 65 Ukrainian troops for exchange and three Russian military who accompanied them. The crew and all passengers of the aircraft were killed, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of January 24 was said in a message from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

The department claims that “the Ukrainian leadership knew perfectly well that, according to the prevailing practice, today the military transport aircraft at the Belgorod airfield of Ukrainian military personnel for exchange would be carried out.”

In turn, the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that there is no reliable information about who was aboard the shot down Russian Il-76.

“Today, the exchange of prisoners was supposed to take place, which did not take place. According to the Russian side, this happened as a result of the confusion of the Russian Il-76 aircraft, which allegedly transported our prisoners. Now we do not have reliable and exhaustive information about who exactly He was on board the aircraft and in what quantity, ”said in a message dated January 24.

In the GUR, they emphasized that for its part, Ukraine fulfilled all the agreements for the preparation of exchange, Russian captured military personnel were delivered in time to the agreed point for exchange, where they were safe.