Russia asks Brazil to help resist sanctions

The head of the Ministry of Finance of Russia Anton Siluanov asked the Minister of Economics of Brazil Paulo Gedes on support in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and the G20 to resist sanctions, writes Reuters with reference to the letter sent by Siluanov. The document is dated March 30, he was transferred to the Brazilian Minister of Russia Ambassador on April 13.

According to the agency, the Ministry of Finance of Russia asked Brazil to help to “prevent political accusations and attempts to discriminate in international financial institutions and in multilateral forums.” Siluanov argues that “the scenes in the IMF and the World Bank are working to limit or even the exclusion of Russia from the decision-making process.”

“As you know, Russia is experiencing a difficult period of economic and financial shocks caused by the sanctions introduced by the United States and their allies. Almost half of the international reserves of Russia was frozen, and its foreign trade operations are blocked. The United States and their satellites are carried out by Russia’s insulation policies from the international community “,” says the letter.

The Minister believes that sanctions violate the principles on the basis of which the IMF and the World Bank have been created. “We believe that the current crisis caused by unprecedented economic sanctions from the G7 countries may have long-term consequences if we do not make joint actions for its permission,” Siluanov noted.