Russia asks India to help with spare parts

Moscow sent a request for help in the supply of spare parts for cars, aircraft and trains that Russia is now limited due to international sanctions and which are necessary to maintain the performance of vital industries. It is reported by Reuters.

As the agency writes with reference to four sources familiar with the request, in the listed by India, the list of about 500 positions. The agency clarifies that this list is preliminary – it is unclear that it will be sent to Russia from it and in what quantity, but the Reuters source in the government of India said that the list itself is very unusual in its scale.

The agency notes that the list consists of 14 pages. Russia requests about 200 items of products in the field of metallurgy and many components for automobile and aviation industries. The list also mentions raw materials for the production of paper and consumer containers, materials and equipment for the production of textiles, including fabric and dyes.