Russia banned Azerbaijani apricots

Rosselkhoznadzor officially notified Azerbaijan about the identification of a quarantine in the parties of nectarines and apricots for the EAEU member countries of the Bura Moniliosis (Monilinia Fructicola) reported Russian media.

The report says that Rosselkhoznadzor asked to take measures to prevent further sending to the territory of the Russian Federation of infected goods, including to control each party sent to Russia, as well as to investigate the causes of what happened and inform about its results.

It is worth noting that at the beginning of this month, Rosselkhoznadzor also forbade the supply of a large batch (18.7 tons) of apricots from Azerbaijan. It was reported that the batch of apricots was also infected.

Commenting on this information, in the Food Safety Agency, they stated HAQQIN.Az that the question took a special control and is currently being investigated. Following the investigation, additional information will be given.