Russia, Belarus and Iran are again invited to Nobel Prize ceremony

Russia, Belarus and Iran are again invited to the Nobel Prize ceremony, which will be held on December 10. This was reported by BBC with reference to the statement of the Nobel Fund.

The fund reported that along with Russia, Belarus and Iran, the leader of the extreme right of the Swedish Democratic Party (SD) Jimmy Akson.

was also invited to the event in Stockholm.

The fund emphasized that they are striving to attract even those who do not share the values ​​of the Nobel Prize.

Meanwhile, Akson said in social networks that he was “too busy to attend the ceremony.”

In turn, the Prime Minister of Sweden Ulf Kristersson expressed surprise to the fund by decision of the Fund to invite Russia, Belarus and Iran to the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2023.

“The Nobel Fund, of course, decides whom to invite, but I, like many others, was very surprised that they invited Russia. I understand that this invitation was upset by many in Sweden and in Ukraine,” said it Swedish prime minister.

In turn, the Swedish deputy of the European Party from the Liberal Party Karin Karlsbro accused the fund of creating a “dangerous precedent.”

According to her, the fund “gave the green light to the invitation of Russia to a glamorous party, while missiles fall on Ukrainian cultural centers and kill children”.

The decision of the Nobel Fund also condemned the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

“On the day when the Russian ambassador will sit in a good suit in the Stockholm concert hall, the Russian army will commit the next war crimes in the occupied Ukrainian territories, and the Russian missiles will destroy the next residential quarters in Ukrainian cities,” wrote the speaker of the Foreign Ministry Oleg Nikolenko on Facebook.

Five of the six Nobel Prize ceremonies are held annually in Stockholm, and the Nobel Prize of the World is awarded in Oslo.

Last year, the Nobel Fund said that the ambassadors of Russia and Belarus would not be invited to the ceremony due to Russian aggression against Ukraine. Iran was also not invited to the ceremony. Tehran has long come across criticism for his situation with human rights.