Russia can exclude from G20

USA and their Western Allies are assessed whether Russia should remain in the group of large economies of the G20 (G20) Group of Large Economies, after the invasion of Ukraine, reports “European True” with reference to Reuters.

A high-ranking source in G7 said that there were discussions about whether it is advisable for Russia to be part of the G20: “If Russia remains a member, it will become a less useful unit.”

“We believe that for Russia there can be no business as usual in international institutions and in the international community,” said the national security adviser Jake Sullivan, answering the question whether US President Joe Biden is trying to push Russia from the G20, When will meet with the allies in Brussels.

According to him, the United States plan to consult with their allies before making any other statements.

Source in the European Union separately confirmed the discussion of the status of Russia at the upcoming G20 meetings, the head of which is now Indonesia.