Russia could not redirect its coal from Europe to Asia

In March, Russian coal exports were reduced by 5 percent in annual terms, and in the first quarter – by 2.2 percent. After Europe began to refuse supplies from Russia, the suppliers could not quickly redirect the goods to Asia, writes with reference to the data of the COMMERSANT CDU.

Europe in the first month of spring reduced the import of Russian coal by almost double – up to 3 million tons. In particular, the UK reduced supply by 50 percent, Germany – by 70 percent, Poland – by 6.3 percent. In the future, the situation will deteriorate – in April the European Union introduced the embargo for deliveries, it will begin to act in August.

deliveries to Asia also reduced – to 7.3 million tons. India was able to correct statistics, which bought 2.2 times more coal – 848.8 thousand tons, but China, on the contrary, reduced consumption by 12 percent to 1.6 million tons. The general indicators supported Turkey – plus 37 percent, 1.5 million tons, as well as “other far countries” – growth of 4.4 times, up to 3.7 million tons. In total, 15.7 million tons of coal were exported.

The situation in foreign markets led to a slowdown in the country’s prey. According to Rosstat, in March the fall amounted to 2.9 percent (37.1 million tons of all varieties of coal). However, the income of exporters of energy coal in annual terms increased – the cost of fuel this year was three times more than last March.

In mid -April, the Ministry of Energy estimated the drop in exports since the beginning of the year 9 percent, and at the end of March and April, the numbers exceeded 20 percent. Such numbers were given by the head of the Department of Coal Industry of the Department, Petr Bobylev.