Russia developed a test to identify “Indian” and “British” strains of COVID

The Russian Federal Medical Biological Agency (FMBA) has developed a new test system, which allows identifying four “most epidemically significant” strains of coronavirus. Forbes writes that this was stated by the Deputy Director of the Scientific and Production Activities of the Center for Strategic Planning (CSP) FMBA Herman Schipulin.

It is about identifying the British strain “Alpha”, South African “Beta”, Brazilian “Gamma” and the Indian “Delta”, noted Shipulin.

The World Health Organization refers these four strains to “concern.” The test will also make it possible to identify another Indian strain “Kappa” and the strain “Theta”, the samples of which, according to WHO, were first fixed in the Philippines.

“Currently, work on the validation of the developed test system is carried out and documents are being prepared for registration of it in Roszdravnadzor,” said Sipulin, according to which, the expected registration time – the beginning of July.