Russia: for year of war, losses are higher than in Afghanistan

During the year of the war, reliable evidence of the death of 15 thousand 136 Russian military appeared in Ukraine.

Such data is cited, based on open sources, conducting joint calculations of the Mediazona publication, the British media company BBC and the team of volunteers.

This number exceeded the officially recognized Soviet losses in Afghanistan for 9 years – 15 thousand 051 people, journalists note.

Data on large losses among prisoners recruited by PMC Wagner continue to arrive, experts say. The indicators practically doubles the second summary in a row: from 790 two weeks ago to 1,310. The growth is associated not only with the fighting, but also with the additional check carried out by the compilers of statistics.

The death of at least 1,224 mobilized is confirmed. The most notifications about the death of soldiers come to the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions, Bashkiria, Buryatia and Dagestan. Journalists make up a list of the dead, based on the recording of relatives, news in regional media and local authorities, but real numbers are probably significantly higher.

According to the British Ministry of Defense, as of February 17, the forces of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Wagner PMC, probably suffered losses wounded and killed at 175-200 thousand soldiers, including 40-60 thousand-lethal losses. According to the British Defense Department, their level has increased significantly since September 2022, when a “partial mobilization” was carried out in Roscia.

In accordance with modern standards, the ratio of the dead and wounded high, the UK intelligence noted. Almost certainly this is explained by extremely unsatisfactory medical support for most of the personnel, experts indicated.

The Commander -in -Chief of the Armed Forces of Norway, General Airstoffersen, said on January 22 in an interview with the Norwegian TV channel TV 2, that almost 180 thousand Russian soldiers died or were injured in Ukraine.

Ukrainian losses probably exceed 100 thousand killed and wounded, Christoffersen noted. In addition, about 30 thousand civilians died in Ukraine as a result of the war, he pointed out.

Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu on September 21, 2022 stated that Russia’s losses in Ukraine were killed by 5,937 people.