Russia found a buyer for its oil

Russia has become the fourth largest oil supplier to India in April, in the coming months the volumes will grow, since low prices stimulate demand from India, reports the publication Times of India with reference to trade sources.

“According to data provided by trading sources, the share of Russia in oil procurement in India increased to a record 6%, about 277 thousand barrels per day in April compared to about 66 thousand barrels per day in March, when it took tenth place” – writes the publication.

It is noted that Iraq remains the largest supplier in India, he is followed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, the share of oil from Africa in the total volume of oil imports to India decreased to about 6% in April from 14.5% in March, while the share of American oil was almost doubled – to 3%. Varieties from Azerbaijan, Russia and Kazakhstan amounted to about 11% of the imported oil in April compared to about 3% in March. The share of Middle East oil increased from 68% to 71%.