Russia hit several Ukrainian cities: dozens of dead

The Ukrainian authorities reported that on the night of September 30, Russia fired at Nikolaev, Dnieper and Zaporozhye.

The head of the Zaporizhzhya regional administration, Alexander Old woman, said that the Russian military inflicted a missile blow to the humanitarian column on the road from Zaporozhye. It is known about 23 dead and 28 wounded civilians. At the time of the blow, people stood in line to leave for a temporarily occupied territory to pick up their relatives and take help, wrote the old woman.

The mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich reported about the shelling of Nikolaev. He wrote that Russia fired at the residential quarter at about 01:00, the rocket hit the upper floor of one of the houses. There were people under the rubble, a fire arose.

The Dnieper was also fired at night, the head of the regional military administration of the Dnipropetrovsk region Valentin Reznichenko said in Telegram. According to him, one person died, five were injured. Reznichenko says that the blow was inflicted on the city with Russian Iskander missiles. A fire began, as a result, multi -storey buildings, gymnasium and store were damaged, 52 buses burned at the transport enterprise, another 98 were damaged.