Russia: loss of 100 thousand mobilized

The losses of the Russian Army can be about 100,000 mobilized by the spring of 2023, Russian media write with reference to two sources close to the General Staff and the FSB.

The Roossi military leadership plans to win time in winter and stabilize the front in Ukraine with the help of mobilized ones, “and then start all in the spring,” the interlocutor of the publication close to the FSB said.

The plan implies heavy losses among personnel. “By the spring of next year, losses killed and wounded (one of the forecasts – ed.) Can be about 100 thousand. They plan to replace them with conscripts,” said the source.


Another source close to the Russian General Staff also spoke about the forecast according to which the losses in battles in Ukraine can be about 100,000 mobilized. For this reason, now the Russian military is faced with the task of compacting and fixing the front line.

The Ministry of Defense plans, according to sources, to prepare 120 thousand conscripts that can be sent to Ukraine in order to make up for losses among mobilized ones. Therefore, the Russian president does not cancel the decree on mobilization. Now sending conscripts to the front is prohibited by Russian laws, but they can be changed.

According to both sources, despite the series of severe defeats of the Russian army in the war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin left no hope of taking Kyiv. To achieve this goal, he is ready to fight for several years, regardless of losses.