Russia proposed to celebrate “victory over militaristic Japan”

The State Duma introduced a bill providing for the renaming of the Day of the Second World War (1945) on the day of victory over militaristic Japan and the end of World War II (1945), Meduza reports.

According to the report, the bill was prepared by a group of deputies from the Communist Party, as well as senators.

with the beginning of a special military operation in Ukraine, Tokyo, in coordination with the collective West, unleashed an unfinished for modern Russian -Japanese relations an unfriendly campaign against our country, ”the explanatory note says.

The authors of the bill indicate that the authorities of Japan, in particular, “launched the legal procedure for canceling the regime of the most favorable nation for Russia, introduced personal sanctions against the highest Russian leadership, are blocked by the non -youth avuars of the Bank of Russia.” “In the political everyday life of the administration of Fumio, Kisides firmly entrenched the accusations of” aggression “and the threats” force to pay an expensive price, “the explanatory note says.

In this regard, the authors of the bill, renaming the day of the end of World War II, can be considered as “one of the countermeasures.”