Russia rehearsed blow to United States with hypersonic nuclear missile

The Russian Ministry of Defense conducted tests of the Zircon hypersonic missiles in the Atlantic Ocean at a distance close to the necessary to reach the coast of the United States.

Circular launch of Zircon was carried out by the Frigate Admiral Gorshkov, who entered the combat service on January 4 with the personal “blessing” of President Vladimir Putin.

Heir, heading to the shores of South Africa, to the “Admiral Gorshkov” jointly with China, unexpectedly changed the course and moved to the western part of the Atlantic. According to Itamilradar, the day before the ship was at a distance of 2.2 thousand kilometers from the American coast. This is only 200 km less than the maximum range of Zircon, which is estimated at 2 thousand km.

The electronic launch of the rocket took place at a “more than 900 km” range, and all its characteristics were “confirmed,” the Ministry of Defense said. The sea goal “imitated” the ship of a conditional enemy, added in the department.

In addition to the conventional warheads, Zircons can also be equipped with a nuclear combat unit, the Barents Observer wrote earlier. The missiles were involved in the exercises of the nuclear triad “Grom 2022”, which took place in February last year.

“Admiral Gorshkov” can strike “zircons” on any objects at sea and land, quotes the “Interfax” statement by the Ministry of Defense. At the same time, the speed of missiles, which, according to Russian data, is 8 times higher than the speed of sound, allows “guaranteed to overcome any modern and promising air defense systems,” the military say.