Russia seeks to enter growing global market for halal products

Russia is focused on entering the halal product market, which exceeded several trillion dollars.

This was stated by the head of the Russian Certification Agency of Rusqualy Maxim Protasov in an interview with Anadola in the fields of the Russia-Islamic World forum: Kazanforum 2024, which is the information partner of Anadolu.

He noted that more than 15 percent of the population of Russia are Muslims and the share of halal products and services in the market is growing.

According to him, with the increase in the world of the young Muslim population, the market for free products is also growing.

“The FELLOUSE market exceeded several trillions of dollars, this is a huge market, since most of the world’s population is Muslims. That is why many countries and Russia are guided by entering this market. It is very important for the Russian government and Rusqualy,” said Protasov.

The head of Rusqualy noted that in the Russian Federation they are closely monitoring trends in the halal market.

“Our research group noted that the market is growing by 3-4 percent every year. For example, the costs of halal tourism services make up 9 to 10 percent of world expenses. These are large numbers, and these percentages are growing every year,” – He added.

Russia is ready to expand cooperation with Turkey

Protasov said that one of the main goals of Rusqualy is to increase and expand the number of exported Russian goods and services.

“Turkey is our friendly country, and we are working on mutual recognition of certificates between Rusqualy and the Turkish certification bodies,” he said.

Protasov noted that the Halal standards used in Turkey are used in Russia.

“We have many points of contact, which we can work together on products that we will import and export. We have a stream of tourists from Russia to Turkey, as well as from Turkey to Russia,” Protasov emphasized.

He noticed that Russia is very interested in expanding cooperation with Turkish companies and certification bodies in the Halal market.