Russia sends 5 Swedish diplomats

Moscow sends five Swedish diplomats as a response to the confrontation actions of Stockholm. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, distributed on Thursday.

”On May 25, the Ambassador of Sweden Malena Mard was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry, which was stated that taking into account the confrontation course in relation to the Russian Federation, the termination of the Consulate of the Russian Federation in Gooteborg from September 1, 2023. At the same time, the head of the Swedish diplomatic mission was informed of the Russian party’s review from September 1, 2023 of his consent to the activities of the Consulate General of Sweden in St. Petersburg, ”the report said.

The Russian department called the “frankly hostile step” by Stockholm an announcement on April 25, 2023 five employees of the Russian abroad in Sweden “Persona non Grata”.

The Foreign Ministry believe that such “the actions of the Swedish authorities even more aggravated the situation in bilateral relations, which have reached an unprecedentedly low level, including as a result of an ongoing Russophobic campaign in Sweden.”

“The Ambassador of Sweden was informed that the Russian party as a response, a decision was made to declare” Persona non Grata “of five Swedish diplomats, including three employees of the Attache apparatus under the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow. They are ordered to leave the Russian Federation At the same time, which were reserved for the Swedish authorities for the departure of our employees, ”noted in the Foreign Ministry.