Russia strengthens alliance with Azerbaijan: Permanent Representative of Karabakh separatists closes in Moscow

The constant representation of the Karabakh separatists in Russia, which has been operating in Moscow since the 1990s, will soon close. The Armenian newspaper “Graparak” distributed this message on Friday today without specifying other details.

Information on the closure of the constant representation of the separatists appeared in the Armenian media earlier, but every time later it was refuted.

Note that recently Moscow has become a fair position in relation to the notorious Armenian-Azerbaijani settlement. And the closure of the representative office of the separatists, which caused the zealous protest of the official Baku, fits into the new Kremlin strategy in the framework of allied interaction with Azerbaijan.

Note that even the chief propagandist of the Kremlin Vladimir Soloviev apologized to the official Baku after the broadcast of his transfer of the separatist David Babayan, who was presented as “Foreign Minister Karabakh.” According to him, with his actions, he introduced “discord in Russian-Azerbaijani relations that play an important role in world politics.”