Russia supported Azerbaijan in difficult times

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, supported Azerbaijani diplomats in London in connection with the attack on the Azerbaijan Embassy in the British capital. She wrote the corresponding message in her Telegram channel.

“is shocked by the history of the radical attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Britain. In the middle of broad day, vandals invaded the territory of the diplomatic mission with a whole crowd, defiled state symbols, caused damage to the building. Thank God, no one was injured,” Zakharova said.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized that “the inviolability of the territory of diplomatic murals is the cornerstone of international relations, ensuring the calm work of diplomats around the world. Such” incidents ” – out of the ordinary.”

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Zakharova reminded paragraph 2 of Article 22 of the Vienna Convention on the diplomatic relations of 1961: “The state of stay lies with a special obligation to take all proper measures to protect the premises of the representative office from any invasion or damage and to prevent any violation of the calmness of representation or insulting its dignity” .

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry addressed the British authorities and the police, as it turned out that they were not in place when it was required to ensure the safety of the embassy and diplomats.