Russia voiced ideas of Ukraine on demilitarization: proposed options

In Russia, it is claimed that Ukraine offers the Austrian or Swedish version of neutrality – a demilitarized state with its own army. On Wednesday, March 16, said the representative of the Russian Federation in the negotiations Vladimir Medinsky, writes

Like the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, he recognized progress in some positions in the negotiations.

“This preservation and development of the neutral status of Ukraine, demilitarization, discusses a whole range of issues related to the size of the Ukrainian army. Ukraine offers the Austrian, Swedish version of a neutral, demilitarized state, but at the same time a state with its own army and naval forces. All these issues are discussed at the level of management of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and Ukraine, “said Medina.

Note, in Ukraine, such ideas were officially not voiced.

But, according to him, there are no moves for other issues.

“The key question for us is the status of Crimea and Donbass. A number of humanitarian issues, including denations, the right of the Russian-speaking population and the situation of the Russian language,” said Minginsky.