Russia was excluded from senior staff of ISAO

Russia was not re -elected to the Council of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). According to Reuters, Russia did not gain the necessary 86 votes.

The organization’s council includes 36 countries, they are elected once every three years at the ICAO assembly. The current Assembly takes place in the Canadian Montreal until October 7.

“We are considering this as a purely political step that has nothing to do with the position of Russia in the field of civil aviation,” said the representative of Russia.

Earlier, along with members of the “Big Seven”, China, Brazil and Australia, Russia has traditionally entered the ICAO Council as a recognized world leader in the Aviation Transportation branch.

Having not received a place in the council, Russia demanded a second vote, but it was refused. The President of the Assembly and Civil Aviation Director of South Africa Poppy Hoza called Cluchai unprecedented. And the representative of France said that when the vote took place and the results do not like, no one asks for re -voting. For its part, Canada and the European Union, before voting, stated that they would oppose the re -election of Russia into the Council.

The Federal Air Transport Agency confirmed the reports that Russia was not re -elected to the ICAO managing council. It is noted that Russia retains the right of full membership in the International Civil Aviation Organization and will continue its work through the country’s representative office.

Earlier ICAO put an icon in the form of a red flag on the flight audit page in 187 countries of the world. The organization also reduced to 77.4 percent its assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation of standards in the Flight Fountain category in Russia.