Russia will face risk of default again

This week Russia will have to another test on foreign debt payments. And it remains only a few days before the Russian Federation can potentially encounter default, reports Al Jazeera.

According to the report, three payments of coupons for Russian bonds totaling about $ 400 million were made for this week of Olzhny. Some of these payments are undeniable payments from the end of May, when Russia has not been able to transfer money due to sanctions imposed on its banks. It is planned that the payment of May and June coupons will be made on Thursday and Friday. The case is complicated by the fact that in the evening of Sunday expires the term of the preferential period for non -payment of previous coupons. At this moment, Russia will actually be in a state of default, unless it somehow makes payments to holders of debt.

al Jazeera notes that millions of dollars from the sale of resources are going to the treasury of the country daily. The country has money to pay for debt. According to analysts, payments cannot be sent due to the sanctions that cut off the paths for transferring money.

Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov believes that the country is forced to declare default. “We did everything possible to bring the horse to a watering, but it does not depend on us whether it wants to drink or not,” the Russian minister said last week.