Russian Foreign Ministry announced abuse of United States, France and Britain authority in UN Security Council

Moscow is concerned about the tendency to abuse representatives of the United States, France and Britain by powers in the UN Security Council, including peacekeeping. This is stated in the message of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation regarding the adoption of the UN Security Council resolution on extending the United Nations Temporary Forces Mandate in Lebanon.

“For the first time, the document was not unanimously adopted: Russia and China abstained when voting on the project prepared by French informal curators dossier, – noted in the ministry. – this decision was dictated by the fact that in the final document it was not possible to reflect a compromise that would take into account the position and the opinion of Lebanon as a country taking on its territory the peacekeeping contingent of the UN. “

“In general, the general tendency to abuse the Western” Troika “in the UN Security Council (USA, France and Great Britain) of their authority as informal curators of the dossier in the interests of promoting their political attitudes, including in the field of peacekeeping” , – indicated in the diplomatic mission.