Russian Foreign Ministry told Persona non grata employee of Austrian Embassy

Austrian Ambassador to Moscow Werner Almhofer was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry, he was protested due to the expulsion of two Russian diplomats. On Thursday, April 11, the press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry reported.

on April 11, the Austrian Austrian Austrian in Moscow V. Almhofer, which was declared a decisive protest in connection with the unreasonable announcement of the Austrian side of Persona Non Grata, was called to the Russian Foreign Ministry, two employees of the Russian Embassy in the Austrian Republic, ”follows from the message.

The department emphasized that this “unfriendly step is even more burdensomely in crisis on the initiative of the Austrian side of bilateral relations, causes serious damage to the authority of Austria, which has positioned itself as a neutral state and the venue of international diplomacy.”

Assistance was awarded a note with a notification that, as a response, the Russian side announces Persona non grata of an employee of the Embassy of the Austrian Republic in the Russian Federation, who should leave the Russian territory until the end of the day on April 18.

“Our response measures are not exhausted,” the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.