Russia’s revenues from energy exports from beginning of war have been

In the first hundred days of the war, Russia received an income of € 93 billion from the export of fossil energy, the employees of the Energy and Clean Air Research Center (CREA) registered in Finland.


According to the study, the EU remains the largest buyer of Russian gas and oil – it accounted for 61% of Russian export of fossil fuel from February 24 to June 24, which corresponds to € 57 billion, if we talk about individual states, then the most important The importer was China (€ 12.6 billion), in second place – Germany (€ 12.1 billion), in third – Italy (€ 7.8 billion).

Russia receives mainly from the sale of raw oil (€ 46 billion), almost half as much gas from gas exported by pipelines (€ 24 billion), and the remaining income comes from the sale of oil products (€ 13 billion), liquefied natural gas (€ 5.1 billion) and coal (€ 4.8 billion).

“So far, the EU is considering the possibility of tightening sanctions against Russia, France has increased its imports, becoming the world’s largest buyer of Russian LNG,” said Crea analyst Lauri Mullivirta.

In his opinion, the statements of Paris must coincide with his actions.