Saakashvili bequeathed to bury him in Ukraine

The ex-president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, at the hearing, stated that after death he wants to be buried in Ukraine.

“I am absolutely sure of our victory, but if I do not live to this victory, which is so close, my heart should be buried in Kyiv. It belongs to Ukraine,” Saakashvili said at a video from the private Tbilisi clinic “Vivamed “where he undergoes a course of treatment.

The ex-president performed in Ukrainian. His speech was translated by the translator invited to court. After the performance was completed, Saakashvili lifted his T -shirt with the inscription “Ukraine” and demonstrated his physical condition to the court, apologizing to everyone “for non -aesthetic personnel.”

“The only thing I ask for is to give me the opportunity to adequate treatment …”, Saakashvili said, turning to the court.

The judge closed the image screen and asked Saakashvili to dress. After that, the inclusion was interrupted and the court continued to listen to the witnesses of the defense.

The Tbilisi City Court today holds the next meeting in connection with the request of Saakashvili’s lawyers about its temporary or complete release for health reasons. At the meeting, they plan to hear experts in the field of healthcare, as well as doctors of the Vivamed clinic.