Saakashvili son asks for help

Family members of the ex-president of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili, together with the Eurodegates, held a briefing at the European Parliament building in Strasbourg. News-Georgia writes that the audience turned to the President and the Georgian government with a request to use their legal levers and not allow it to end with a tragedy.

At the same time, the son of Mikhail Saakashvili, Edward, asked for help. Georgian edition gives this appeal.

“Every time I see him in prison or in the clinic, I see that he gets worse, more painful, and a person who was energetic, ambitious, charismatic, slowly disappears. We, family members, are very worried and nervous On this occasion. We see that his condition is worsening day by day. He has been in the hospital for six months, but it seems that he does not have proper care, and therefore his condition is worsening … and we are trying to find a decision for our family in This difficult period, and the solution is very simple, both legally and morally – to give him the opportunity to be treated in the corresponding clinic abroad … The situation is very difficult, and something should change … I hope that my father, Mikhail Saakashvili , will not die in prison. “

On the eve, it became known that Mikhail Saakashvili sent a letter to President of France Emmanuel Macron, in which Macron asks for help and notes that he “dies, he has little time.”

“I fought for freedom and reforms in Georgia and Ukraine all my life, opposed the imperialist policy of Russia. Putin considers me one of his main enemies. He publicly promised to kill me. Now I am in prison as one of his personal prisoners. Toxicologists came to the conclusion that I was poisoned in prison, ”the letter says.

The ex-president of Georgia said he hopes for the aid of President Macron and the people of France.