Saakashvili’s state deputy: half -skeleton with deformed joints

Those who knew Mikhail Saakashvili no longer recognize him, those who remember how he looked completely different, wrote a deputy of the Georgian parliament from the NATO CHEIDSE Bloc. Her words are published on the official Saakashvili page on Facebook.

“of two windows, carefully painted with white paint, not to see strips of the sky. Not a camera, but a dungeon. Half skeleton sitting on a chair is connected to a medical system, with a body temperature of 37.5 degrees.

deformed joints, limited mobility and one motionless limb, thinned hair and a forced smile on a pale face. You will not recognize him.

You start watching around the camera/dungeon and think where he, whom you saw 6 months ago on TV standing on his feet, when he was transferred to the (medical center) Vivamedy on May 12? He is no longer. There is only what you see.

“come, sit closer,” he tells you, and you will recognize him by his characteristic fast manner of conversation; This is the only thing that remains, and that, he says with pauses to catch his breath.

You approach him, sit next to him and start talking about this and that a little about the past, a little less about the present and even less about the future. He includes in the conversation and speaks more about the past, then about Zelensky, then … about nothing.

His life is already hanging in the balance. Mikhail Saakashvili is not a prisoner. Such patients cannot be prisoners, such people cannot fulfill the debt of a prisoner, ”wrote Chkheidze.