Sakhiba Gafarova holds meetings in South Africa

The chairman of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Sahiba Gafarov, as part of an official visit to the South African Republic, met with the chairman of the National Assembly of this country, the obsessions of the Mapis-Ngakula.

According to in the Public Relations and Press Department of the Milli Majlis, at the meeting of the Mapris-Negakul expressed the interest of South Africa in the development of bilateral interstate and inter-parliamentary relations with Azerbaijan. Emphasizing the importance of friendship groups in strengthening relations between parliaments, the chairman of the National Assembly noted the intention to increase efforts in this direction.

She highly appreciated the Azerbaijani representative office in the movement of non -alignment, noted a high organizational level demonstrated by the first conference of the parliamentary network of DN, emphasized the importance of documents adopted at the conference.

According to the Mapis -Ngakules, the DN supports the independent and democratic development of South Africa, and therefore South Africa attaches great importance to this organization and considers its participation in the work of its parliamentary network as important – for example, the Natsomava delegation has already been formed at this organization.

It was also emphasized the need to strengthen ties between the legislative bodies for the exchange of experience and information, the importance of cooperation between deputies both on bilateral basis and in international organizations.

The chairman of the Milli Majlis, affecting the development of interstate relations and the role of parliaments, reported the working group for inters-parliamentary relations with the South African Republic. She also spoke about the successful chairperson of Azerbaijan in the non -compulsory movement, about the events of this structure in Azerbaijan.

Further, the speaker of the Milli Majlis informed the interlocutor about the establishment of the youth organization of the DN on the basis of the youth network of DN, created at the suggestion of President Ilham Aliyev. The new structure serves to expand cooperation between young people, she said, adding that at the initiative of the Azerbaijani leader, Azerbaijan identifies educational grants that South African youth uses.

Sakhiba Gafarova also spoke about the restoration of the Azerbaijani territories freed from the occupation, the problem of mine clearance and the return of refugees to their native cities and villages.

During the meeting, the Air attack was also mentioned on January 27 against the Azerbaijani Embassy in Iran. Gafarova said that the Azerbaijani side regarding the death of an embassy employee and the wounding of two more as a terrorist attack, demanding his unbiased investigation and punishment of the perpetrators. And the international community should condemn this terrorist attack and give appropriate assessment, she said.