Samir Abasov: “I finally believed that” Neftchi “will score and become a champion”

Neftchi head coach Samir Abasov commented on the victory of his team in the Championship of Azerbaijan. Recall, “Neftchi” won the title after eight years, interrupting the hegemony of “Karabakh”.

“I congratulate everyone! Congratulations to our fans, which supported us,” says Samir Abasov. “This championship could not be. But we showed that we are on the right track. Perhaps someone did not like our today. But We need experience to show a certain level of the game.

All contributed to our today’s victory!

I want to mark “Karabakh”. They did a lot. Their work before your eyes. Now we, and “Karabakh” we will submit Azerbaijan in eurocades. I love everyone and respect in the village of “Karabakh” – Gurban Gurbanova, Elchina Rakhmanova, Zura Tagizade …

There is no confrontation between me and Gurban. Here is rivalry between clubs. If it were not, there would be someone else.

“Karabakh” – exemplary club. Not only for Azerbaijan, but perhaps for some other countries.

Now we are waiting for the Champions League. But until we talked about this with the management. There were general plans. And now we will discuss in detail the preparation. Champions League – absolutely different from other Euroturners. We will try to adequately submit Azerbaijan. I will do everything for this as the head coach.

Penalty in our gate? I do not want to throw the shadow on our victory. I have not yet seen these moments. Look later. If there is a penalty, I’ll see and say tomorrow. In the episode with Khaima Romero, I think you should not talk about penalty.

Today, if I took half of the work, the rest of the way did the football players who believed in themselves.

Today, the teams feared each other. We did not want to give them emptiness and were not going to open. “Karabakh” can press the opponent. In the second half, at the end I changed something, we went ahead. But I finally believed that we would score and win. “