SBU: Kadyrov did not come to Ukraine

“During the last week, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov was not in Ukraine.” This is reported by the Security Service of Ukraine, reports “Ukrainian Pravda”.

Earlier on Sunday, March 13, a message appeared in the media that supposedly Kadyrov is in Ukraine.

“Video Cadyrov began published in the social networks, on whom it was argued that he was in the Kiev region. Now the information is checked, correct or not, but there is information that it was seen yesterday in Grozny. But during the day it is possible Kyiv move. However, his appearance does not decide anything. There will be information – we will destroy. We will not install the information – we will destroy the next time, “said the adviser to the head of the president’s office Alexey Arrestovich.

The next day, the head of Chechnya in his Telegram laid out a video, stating that the shooting took place in Gostomel.

“On the video we are in Gostomel. The other day we were about 20 kilometers from you, Kiev Natsiki, and now even closer, and guess how close we are approached. I will introduce: And maybe we are already in Kyiv and just wait for the right Teams? “,” said Kadyrov.

Journalists with reference to sources in the SBU found out that Kadyrov uses two phone numbers. Data of Ukrainian mobile operators show that the last seven days of Roaming numbers did not connect to Ukrainian ties.

“With the help of a public online service, we tried to find out the address, country and the city where the phone number of Kadyrov is located. This service generates a link that allows you to detect the location of the room as soon as the user goes on the link. At the same time, the user does not recognize anything , After all, by the link, he goes to the usual site specified in the link, “- noted in the” Ukrainian truth “.