Scandal at World Championship: Iranian athletes included Shahsky Hymn

On the weightlifting world championship held in Tashkent, there was a scandal with a hymn Iran.

Iranian media transmit that during the awarding of Iranian athletes Rasul Motamadi, who won the gold medal, and awarded the bronze medal Amir Havuga, in the sports arena, instead of the anthem of the Islamic Republic Iran, the anthem of Shah Mohammed Pekhlevie Reza.

Iranian TV channel interrupted live broadcast from the ceremony and resumed a few minutes after the Championship organizers launched the Anthem of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian weightlifting federation expressed a protest organizers of the competition. Uzbekistan’s weightlifting federation apologized to the Organizing Committee of the Championship and the Iranian Federation.

This is not the first case when at international competitions instead of the hymn IRI, the anthem of the times of the last Iranian Shaha sounds. In 2018, during the presentation of medals at the World Taekwondo Championship among women in Taiwan, instead of the Hymn of the Islamic Republic, the Shahsky Anthem sounded.