Schools and colleges in Russian Federation will oblige to introduce an UAV manage from September

Schools and colleges will be obliged to introduce an UAV manage from September.

This was stated by First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov after a meeting of the right-handed commission on the development of unmanned aviation systems (BAS). His words on Tuesday, on April 23, is given by the press service of the government.

The Federal Educational Program for the Management of Disruptions should be completely launched in schools and colleges of the country from September 1, 2024, follows from the message.

At a meeting of the commission, the issue of procurement of unmanned aviation systems and equipping schools and colleges as part of a state civilian order, as well as the issue of developing educational programs, was discussed. Within the framework of the project, special training drones will be purchased, classes and flight zones are equipped.

The representative of the Ministry of Education reported that on July 1, as part of the federal project “Stimulation of demand for domestic bass” in 523 schools, specialized circles will open and in 30 colleges – practical training centers for learning drunks. Educational institutions participating in the project will be equipped with training drones and personnel staff for the organization of training.

The project involves 30 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In total, more than 17 thousand training drones will be purchased for these purposes. Purchases should be announced until May 1.

“The full readiness of the program should be ensured on September 1, when students begin the next academic year. For this, it is necessary to launch the program for this,” commented Andrei Belousov.


The First Deputy Prime Minister noted that educational institutions should not only be equipped with drones, but also have appropriate fields for training flights. Also, as part of the project, specialized classes, small and main flight zones, repair stations and 3D printing zones will be equipped in schools and colleges.