Scientists: Even one dose of vaccine by 75% reduces risk of hospitalization

Even one dose of the vaccine manufactured by Pfizer or Astrazeneca by 75% reduces the risk of coronavirus disease in severe, requiring hospitalization. The Russian BBC service writes that this is stated in the analytical material of the English epidemiological service (Public Health England).

At the same time, the performance of the vaccine does not depend on the strain. The injection reduces the chances of getting into the hospital from the “delta” infected and the option “Alpha”.

As follows from the document, the second dose of vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization even more reliable – up to 90%. Two doses at the same time affect the “Delta” as efficiently as on previous virus options.

In the organization Public Health England also estimated the likelihood of symptoms of coronavirus in the infection in the case of infection. One dose of vaccine reduces the risk of symptoms by 49% in the case of the Alpha variant and by 31% with the “Delta” option. Two doses prevent the risk to get a coronavirus with symptoms by 88% with the “Alpha” option and 80% with the “Indian” strain.