Scientists have created a fabric from which you can create displays

A team of scientists from Shanghai, China has developed a textile that can be used as a display. Specialists from Fudan University achieved the corresponding results in their research, the local newspaper Shanghai Daily reported.

According to the project manager Peng Huisheng, the relevant material resembles a computer or a smartphone in its functionality. It could potentially be used in communication technologies.

The development is based on transparent luminescent fibers that intertwine to form micrometer electroluminescent blocks, reminiscent of those found in digital display screens. A generated low micro-ampere current is passed through these weaves to power the electroluminescent units.

Under laboratory conditions, scientists have managed to make a textile display six meters long and 25 cm wide. According to Peng Huisheng, the display can be larger. Its brightness, the scientist specified, remains stable when bending and even when stretched. “Our textile display is flexible and breathable. It can withstand hundreds of machine washes, making it suitable for practical use,” the project leader quotes the publication.