Sea exercises of Russia and China off coast of South Africa. United States is unhappy

On Friday, South Africa, Russia and China begin joint sea exercises. The maneuvers that last 10 days coincide with the anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and have already caused criticism from the United States, BBC reports.

In the exercises that will be held on February 17 in the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa, 350 military personnel of the National Defense forces of South Africa will take part. Moscow sent to the exercises the frigate of the Northern Fleet “Admiral Gorshkov”, on board which the recently adopted hypersonic anti -ship missiles “Zircon” are installed.

BBC notes that the defense forces of South Africa do not apply too much about the exercises.

In the United States, exercises with the participation of Russia are perceived with discontent. “The United States is concerned about any country conducting teaching with Russia when Russia wages a brutal war against Ukraine,” the White House said in the January statement of the White House.