Sea turtle has overcome 25 thousand

Golovyasta sea turtle – a representative of the Loggerhead family – continues to travel in its natural habitat with a GPS tracker attached to the shell, overcoming 25 thousand km.

The 25-30-year-old turtle began its journey on August 28, 2019 off the coast of South-West Turkey after a special sensor was attached to its shell.

The Moving of the Sea Turtle is watched by the Center for Research, Salvation and Rehabilitation of Sea Turtles (Dekamer) in the Dalian region in the province of Mugla.

The tube became the first sea turtle, the movement of which was trained by a satellite device from Turkey to Adriatic.

Having left the beach out of the tutes in the area of ​​Dalian, the tube spent two months off the coast of Marmaris, and then reached Greece in a month. The sea turtle was also off the coast of Malta, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, and still continues to transmit data from the Adriatic.

Golovynaya sea turtles or Karetta is the only representative of the Loggerhead family or the thugs of sea turtles that are at risk of disappearance.