Second case in history: Argentinka got rid of HIV without drugs

In Argentina recorded the second in history the case of “natural deliverance” from HIV. Annals of Internal Medicine magazine writes that a 30-year-old patient got rid of the virus without interfering with doctors, the bone marrow transplant was not needed.

According to information, the woman learned about his diagnosis in 2013 and all eight years did not take antiretroviral drugs, since the virus did not appear. The exception for it was made only during pregnancy, while the child was born healthy.

Experts hope that if they succeed in finding out how the body was able to get rid of the virus and reproduce this process, this may lead to the creation of effective treatment of HIV – or even completely eradicate this disease.

At the same time, Oxford Professor John Freter in an interview with BBC said that it was impossible to argue with full confidence that anyone he underwent from HIV infection. However, according to him, the doctors engaged in the investigation of a particular case did all of them dependent within the framework of existing technologies to prove the fact of cure. “The main question is whether the patient was herald independently, or the infection was sliding in itself at an early stage,” says Professor Freter.

was previously known for only one case of cure from HIV without surgery – a 67-year-old resident of San Francisco cured after 30 years of life with a virus. Doctors explained that some infected HIV can do without drugs for a long time, since they have a stronger T-lymphocyte response and infected cells are destroyed faster. But such patients are very small – up to 2.5%.