Second consecutive Victory of Shakhriyar Mammadyarova in Wake An See

Today in the Netherlands Wake An See, the 5th round of the traditional Chess Supernir Tata Steel Masters, which takes part and the Azerbaijani grandmaster Shahriyar Mammadyarov.

Today, Shakhriyar played black figures with one of the owners of the Netherlands Netherlands Jorden van Festo and won the 44th go.

This is the second consecutive victory of Mammadyarov at the current tournament. In the 4th round, he defeated the Pole Jan-Kshyshto Duda. And in the first three parties, our chess player played a draw with Russians Daniel Dubov and Andrei Esipenko, as well as with the Netherlands Anise Giri.

Now I have a shakyar 3.5 points, and it ranks 1st. But the tour is still over.

In Wake-An-See 14 chess players playing a circular system at 13 rounds. Time control is 100 minutes by 40 moves, then 50 minutes by 20 moves, after which 15 minutes for the remaining part of the game with a 30-second addition after each turn. Competition will be completed on January 30.

For the second year in a row, Tata Steel Chess, which is also called “Chess Wimbledon”, is carried out without viewers due to pandemic restrictions. There will be no traditional amateur competition. But the Challengers tournament with 14 chess players is lower.

The representative of Azerbaijan won in Wike-an-xe once. In 2007, Teymur Rajabov shared the 1st place with Bulgarian Veselin Topalova and Armenian Levon Aronian. The record holder in the number of victories is Magnus Karlsen. He won seven times here.