See Bali and die. How much did Voyage of Armenian Parliamentarians stand on island of country’s budget

The visit of the delegation of the Armenian Parliament to Bali, led by Speaker Alain Simonian, cost the state budget of 18 million drams or a little more than 36 thousand dollars. This was reported in the National Assembly in response to the request Sputnik Armenia.

Simonyan and those who accompany his faces went to Indonesia Qatar Airways flights, flew by an economy class.

Parliamentary delegation visited Bali’s resort island from March 18 to March 23 in order to participate in the 144th Summit of the Inter-Parliamentary Union. What was caused by the need for the presence at this event, the deputies did not explain the deputies. Perhaps the only visible “result” was the abstinence of voting under an anti-Russian resolution associated with “special operation” in Ukraine.

The opposition of Armenia in Parliament considered a visit to Bali meaningless spending money for taxpayers. And the National Assembly apparatus only a month later provided Sputnik Armenia and some other media information about expenses.

In addition to Simonian, deputies of Asmik Hakobyan, Tsovinar Vardanyan, both members of the ruling strength went to Bali. The deputies were accompanied by the head of the NS Vaan Naribekyan, his deputy aegine Khachikian, Assistant Speaker David Arakelia, Head of the Parliament Department Tigran Seyranian, Head of the Protocol of Akop Hadji-Hakobyan, Specialist of the Office of External Relations.

It should be noted that not all members of the delegation returned to Armenia at the same time. According to information on the site of parliament, some of them remained on Bali 8 days, others – a week. It is noteworthy that the official part of the event lasted from March 20 to March 23. In addition, the deputy of Vardanyan from Indonesia then went to Milan, and as explained in Parliament – on a business trip.