Seeking for murder of a resident of Khrdalan was detained after 5 years

Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan announced the detention of a citizen of Azerbaijan Samira Kyazimov, who was found guilty for the deliberate murder of a resident of the city Hardalan Valekh Najafova.

As stated in the department, the crime was committed in March 2017 in the city of Khirdalan of the Apheronsky district. Members of the criminal group – Iranian citizen Bashir Gahramani, as well as Azerbaijani citizens Ilham Gasanov, Rasharbanov, Hayal Pashayev, Khanan Gasanov, Bilal Bayramov, Allahverdi Ruzpeikar and Magomed Akhmedov – were held accountable under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

Other members of the criminal group – Azerbaijan citizen Samir Kyazimov and citizen Iran Hasan Aligaradagly – found guilty of committing crimes, disappeared from criminal liability. In May 2017, they were put on the wanted list.

As a result of the investigative and operational measures conducted by the prosecutor’s office and the police, on May 12, 2022, the accused Samir Kazimov was detained, on May 18, 2022 he was charged under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code.