Selchuk Bayractar: Teknofest caused mental revolution

The Teknofest Aviation, Cosmos and Technology Festival covered the world with a wave and caused a mental revolution. This was stated by the Chairman of the Board of Teknofest and the Board of Trustees of the T3 of the T3 of the Selchuk Bayractar, speaking at the opening of the festival in the Turkish Izmir.

According to him, high technologies lead to changes and stimulate new world achievements.

At the same time, Bayractar noted that sometimes humanity can not cope with the social consequences of the quick and irregular movement of high technologies.

“During the Pandemia of Coronavirus, we all saw global failure, in particular in the production of artificial ventilation devices using basic technologies. At that time, the world has long questioned this simple but fatal failure,” said Teknofest Chairman.

Bayractar indicated that the expansion of the boundaries of cognition helps to understand the depth of the universe.

“The Teknofest festival, space and technology as a giant wave covered the world and provoked a mental revolution, unprecedented earlier,” the chairman of the board of Teknofest broke.

Bayractar expressed the hope that millions of young people who have submitted applications for participation in technological competitions will achieve great success in all other civilian regions, as well -known Turkish drones achieved this worldwide.

According to him, Turkey has become a role model thanks to its national technologies.

“Turkey is engaged in research and developments, produces and develops in all areas. Our young people create new areas, combining industrial achievements with high technologies and artificial intelligence. We are those who breathe new life into these new areas and the changing world”, – concluded Bayractar.

In the Turkish Izmir on September 27, the third and last stage of the world’s largest aviation festival, astronautics and technologies Teknofest.

started this year.

The festival was organized by the Turkish Technological Technological team (T3) and the Ministry of Industry and Technologies of Turkey. Anadola’s agency is a global information partner of the event.