Seljuk Bayraktar remembered Karabakh and announced end of piloted aviation

Many countries are already producing the latest pilot fighters. We predict that in twenty years the ERA of the F-16 aircraft and even the F-35 will end, and there will be no pilots in the aircraft. Such an opinion in an interview with CNN Turk expressed the director of the Turkish defense company Baykar Selhuk Baiva.

“We believe that an end to even the fifth generation of multipurpose fighters will be put. The most powerful military-air facilities will be drones,” the TV channel interlocutor said.

“We are currently expressing a great interest in this technology. For many years more than seventy percent of the income of our company accounted for export. This is a record for the defense industry of Turkey,” added the head of the Turkish manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Next Celhuk Bayraktar recalled that his brother Haluk Bayraktar was awarded a custom let’s notice in Ukraine and received a medal, my father, I and brother were awarded orders after the Karabakh war. “

“It was a great honor for us to promote success in the Karabakh war,” he admitted.

Currently, many countries want to buy UAVs in Turkey. The relevant agreements have already been signed by more than 10 countries, the head of Baykar summed up.