Senate of France approved bill securing woman’s right to abortion in Constitution

The Senate of France adopted a bill consisting of one article and enshrines the woman’s right to abortion in the Constitution.

When voting in the Senate, most senators spoke in support of this initiative. In particular, 267 senators voted in support of the bill, 50 – against, and another 22 – abstained.

After the approval of the initiative of the Senate, the bill should be adopted at a joint meeting of both chambers of the parliament.

The bill will be discussed in the Congress of the French Parliament, where both chambers of the parliament (National Assembly and Senate) will gather on March 4, French President Emmanuel Macron said on social networks.

The bill is submitted to the Congress voting, as it provides for amendments to the Constitution.

The National Assembly (Lower Chamber) approved a bill enshrining the woman’s right to abortion in the Constitution, January 30.

In France, women under the law can have an abortion until the 14th week of pregnancy.

If the bill is adopted by Congress, France will become the first country guaranteeing the right to abortion in accordance with the Constitution.