Sensational statement of Ahmadinejad: “In some countries in region there is an atomic bomb”

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that in the region, in addition to India, Pakistan and Israel, there are several other countries that also possess nuclear weapons.

“India, Pakistan and Israel have an atomic bomb. Why is this normal? I have accurate information that several other countries in the region also have nuclear weapons, but no one complains about them. Iran has repeatedly stated that Does not seek to get an atomic bomb, “said the ex-president.

In his opinion, the era of atomic weapons came to the end: “Remember the Soviet Union. This great power had a nuclear weapon that did not save it from the collapse. And today the United States must admit that Iran is not a country of half a century ago. Our people Wants to stand up, so no one should interfere in the internal affairs of our state. “

Speaking about the possibility of military conflict with Israel, Ahmadinejad made such an event of events: “Everything is possible, but no country in the region will benefit from it. War will only lead to destruction in the region.”

In his opinion, the Iranian nuclear program is only a reason for the introduction of sanctions: “Does the US really are concerned about the Iranian nuclear program? They have 5,600 improved atomic bombs of the fifth generation. There are high-precision missiles of a large range. From their bases in the Indian Ocean, the United States can aim to anywhere in our region … I believe that the nuclear program is a preposition. There are many other disagreements. “

He also accused Americans in the intervention in the politics of the region: “We are called terrorists, but we also call them. The United States ask us why we interfere with this region, although no country interferes in the affairs of other states than themselves “,” said Ahmadinejad.