Seoul: UN Security Council ignores “illegal behavior” of Pyongyan

The official Seoul criticized the reaction of the UN Security Council to Pyongyang.

South Korea Minister Lee Jeon SOP said at Singapore Safety-La Dialogue Security conference that “countries with important duties” in the UN Security Council ignore the “illegal behavior” of Pyongyan, while the missile and nuclear programs The DPRK calls the arms race.

“Despite the unprecedented number of missile launches last year, not a single new resolution of the UN Security Council has been adopted,” said Jeon Sop.

According to him, the “reckless” development of missiles and nuclear weapons by Pyongyan provokes fears of the spread of nuclear weapons. “This exacerbates the security dilemma, which consists in the growth in the cost of security for all countries,” the minister said.

Lee Zhon SOP noted that the lack of a reaction to Pyongyang’s actions will lead to a deterioration in the security situation not only in the region, but also on the planet.

In addition, the minister called on the international public to observe sanctions against the DPRK and condemn its missile launches in order to contribute to the return of Pyongyang to negotiations on denuclearization.