Serbia promises a “strong answer” Kosovo

Serbia will give a strong diplomatic and political answer as soon as the unrecognized Kosovo violates the Washington agreements. About this, as TASS reports, on Friday said the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vuchich in contacting the nation.

“On the same day, when they [the authorities of the unrecognized Kosova] will say that the Washington agreements do not work, we will show the answer of the sovereign and independent country, which is Serbia, according to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. And you will see that day that we We will show you, and then we will continue the accelerated work on the recall of recognition of Kosovo independence. Our answer will be serious, responsible and very strong, ”the president said.

“We understand that they do not interest them [the authorities of the unrecognized Kosovo], because they have great forces as defenders. They [Western countries] their [Kosovo] and created, swing them, keep this their child, even When they behave like this so brazenly and arrogantly. Our answer will be much stronger than they think. It will not touch the message, as in 2008, or weapons, it will touch our strong diplomatic offensive, and, believe me, we will show our teeth Much stronger than they think. This applies to politics, diplomacy and nothing else, ”said Vuchich.

September 4, 2020 in Washington, a number of obligations of the leadership of Serbia and Kosov (Washington Agreements) were recorded in Washington, including a moratorium on promoting Protia to his candidacy for international organizations, as well as the suspension of the world capitals to recall the recognition of Kosovo independence. In early August last year, the Kosovo Parliament did not support the resolution obliging unrecognized education to fulfill Washington agreements.

The Serbian Autonomous Region of Kosovo and Metohiya proclaimed independence unilaterally in February 2008 and in recent years is actively trying to join international organizations, including UNESCO and Interpol. Over 60 countries, including Russia, India and China, are opposed to Kosov’s recognition, as well as five EU members.