“Seville” won UEFA League for seventh time in history

“Seville” beat Roma in the final match of the Europa League. The meeting was held at the Pushkash Arena in Budapest (Hungary).

In the 35th minute, striker Romans Paulo Dibal opened an account. His goal was the only one in the first half.

At the beginning of the second half of the meeting, the defender of the Italian club Dzhanluk Mancini cut the ball into his goal after a fire from the right flank, and the score became equal.

Since in regular time the teams failed to identify the winner, they were waiting for two additional halves of 15 minutes each. However, there were no goals. In the penalty shootout, the players of Seville were more accurate – 4: 1.

“Seville” for the seventh time in history won the Europa League. The Spanish team is the record holder of the tournament.